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Bench & Beam desks



Our Bench and Beam desking is a stylish solution for the modern office. It is extremely flexible where numbers can be increased or decreased with little or no fuss.

The Goal Post frame, “C” frame or “I” frame legs are connected to a telescopic beam which can be increased or decreased in length to suit any size top. It also allows cables to sit in the beam for horizontal cable management, so no added costs for cable trays. It is a modular, re-configurable system which is quick and easy to assemble. Also available with sliding tops and height adjustable frames. Standard stock finishes are silver and white

Accessories are also available, such as CPU holders, Vertical Cable Management, and Modesty Panels.

In conjunction with this system we offer desk screens which mount to the desk top or the frame itself. We offer low, middle and higher budget designs. These are available as straight, waved or curved in shape. We also have screens that can be half or fully glazed in numerous Perspex colours. The middle and higher end designs are finished on 3 sides with an aluminium extrusion which matches the leg finish of the Beam and Bench desking. Tool rail and non-tool rail designs are available.