Why Aaron? : Aaron Desking

Why Aaron?

Our Mission statement: “To manufacture quality office furniture, efficiently, competitively, with consideration for the environment and our customers”.

Quality –. To maintain a standard of high quality we have invested in the best materials, using reputable board manufacturers, buying quality components and giving our staff extensive training. Every product we manufacture undergoes rigorous quality checks throughout the production process. This way we are confident our furniture is manufactured to the highest possible standard and will withstand the vigorous challenges of office life.

Efficient – This goes hand in glove with Quality. We have invested heavily in the best machinery which enables us to produce a high standard of furniture, quickly and efficiently. Stringent processes are followed at all times

Competitive – We are continuously looking at ways to be more competitive in the market place and we pride ourselves on being able to produce a mid range of furniture at extremely competitive prices without compromising on quality.

Environment – We care about the environment and believe we have a responsibility in doing our part to protect it. We appreciate that during our manufacturing process certain operations may have an impact on the environment. This is why we have invested in machinery that will limit board wastage, thus reducing pollution being released into the atmosphere. Our products, unless specified, will not be packaged in cardboard. Through using blankets and foams we continuously recycle our packaging using it again and again. This means our customers do not have the expense of disposing of packaging, which can be costly and most importantly harmful to the environment.

Customers – We will always listen to our customers, if there is a particular finish they require we will endeavour to obtain it when practicable. We are also on hand to discuss new ideas and designs to keep ourselves and our customers at the forefront of current trends and styles.

Stability – With over 20 years experience in the Office Furniture market place, we know that we have to adapt and change to meet the demands of our customers. One of our major strengths is that we are able to offer a bespoke service to our customers, something very few manufactures offer. We believe continuity of supply is an important factor to be considered when buying office furniture – we are here to stay!